Beta is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, specialising in off-road motorcycles. Beta are best known for their popular trials bikes. In 2005, they launched a range of enduro motorcycles using KTM engines. In the 2010 they will launch the new RR series, with a new engine made in-house. Beta motorcycles have been used by world trials champions such as Jordi Tarres, Dougie Lampkin and Albert Cabestany. History Beta has its origins in 1904 as a bicycle manufacturing company named "Societa Giuseppe Bianchi", originally based in Florence. The company started making motorcycles in 1948. The name Beta comes from the initials of Enzo Bianchi and Arrigo Tosi, who ran the company at that time. Focusing on two-stroke bikes through the 1950s and 1960s, the company started focusing development and production to off-road motorcycles in the 1970s. [edit]Trials models Beta have produced motorcycles for observed trials since the early 1980s and are now one of the leading manufacturers. Unlike the Trail and Enduro models, the trials bike have used Beta's own engines. TR240 (1983-4) First trials model, twinshock suspension 125cc, 200cc engines, the majority with reed valve induction. A 1983 Beta TR240, 200cc air-coole

engine, twinshock suspension TR32, (1984-5) Air-cooled, monoshock model, produced in parallel with the twinshock model, same engine as TR240 TR33, (1985-6) TR34, (1986-9) Very successful trials model, stripey paintwork, 125cc - 260cc engines TR35, (198991) Air-cooled engine series Zero, (198992) Water-cooled monoshock Synt, (1992-4) Water-cooled monoshock SuperTrial, (1992-3) Air-cooled engine Gara, (1993-4) Techno, (1994-9) 125cc version from 1995 Rev-3, (19992008) 2-stroke trials Rev-4, (200708) 4-stroke trials Evo [2009-] 2-stroke and 4-stroke [edit]Enduro and motocross models Beta E3 bike at the 2010 WEC GP of Italy Beta made a range of motocross and enduro bikes during the 1970s and 1980s. The Beta Enduro bikes have used KTM engines since their return in 2004, though 2009 sees the launch of bikes with Beta's own power units. [edit]Trail models The Alp trail motorcycle models have used air-cooled Suzuki DR-model engines and have a good reputation at commuters and 'green-lane' trail bikes. With a low seat height and a reputation as an easy to ride motorcycle, they are ideal to beginners of off-road riding. Alp (2000-), 125cc, 200cc and 350cc models. Air-cooled bikes with Suzuki engines.