Monark, also known as Cykelfabriken Monark AB and Monark AB, is a Swedish bicycle, moped and motorcycle manufacturer, established in Varberg, Sweden 1908 by the industrialist Birger Svensson. In the 1950s, Monark had a successful record in off-road motorcycle competitions. In 1954 they entered 8 bikes in the International Six Days Trial, a form of off-road motorcycle Olympics. All 8 Monark riders finished with Gold Medals. In 1959, Monark's Sten Lundin won the 500cc motocross world championship. In 1961, Monark merged with Nymanbolagen, Uppsala, Sweden into Monark-Crescentbolagen or MCB. Monark is today part of Cycleurope, belonging to Grimaldi Industri AB. Monark is also a brand of Brazilian bicycles, related to the original Swedish Monark AB. Electric Bicycle Monark produces the Elcykel, an electric bicycle, built of aluminum with the same engine system including the Swedish Post uses. It utilizes a 10 Ah Lithium battery for long running time and fast recharge and is equipped with a Navgenerator, approved locks and immobilizers elimination part. ECO 1430- Electric bicycle with an aluminum unisex frame and a Panasonic electric motor with pedal assistance for fast and comfortable cycling. Li-ion battery of 10 Ah for fast recharge and l ng range. [edit]Transporter The Transporter is a Unisex steel work bike which is equipped with a heavy-duty front carrier and a robust kickstand. The rims are made of stainless steel and reinforced spokes They are available as Shimano Single or 3-speeds. They only come in black. Work Bike - The 450-453 Work Bike is a bicycle for business use that meets high visibility requirements. It is equipped with reflectors, sharp safety color, quality components are the obvious arguments. Available in 1 and 3 speed and comes in fluorescent yellow and black. Bayer - The Bayer is a simple and durable work bike which only comes in a step through frame and mounts a heavy-duty carrier to the front and a rack to the rear. [edit]Truck The Truck is workbike, popular in Denmark, It is a steel framed work bike with a front front carrier and generator lightning. It is available as a single or three speed and only comes in Black. [edit]Military bike The military bike is a new version of the Swedish military bicycle, it is available in a men?s or women?s model. The rims are made of stainless steel with reinforced spokes. The bicycles are equipped with lock and generator lighting. They are only available in red or green and come as single or 3-speeds.